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Introduction First let me state that, what I am going to write here is from my own personal experience over the last many years(around 14  years) I am not a medical professional and have no formal medical or nutritional education at all. I am just a simple home maker, who love to cook healthy and fresh food for my family. Please do not take anything I say too literally. If this subject inspires you to do your own research and make up your own mind. What I have learnt from my own research of many sources including trial and error on my own healthy & learnt knowledge by great masters, who teach Natural ways to live without eating medications. The food change and lifestyle change gave me remarkable health benefits and transformed my health.
How I became my Own Doctor by changing my lifestyle. For last 9 years I\’m not taking any medication. If I have some problem, I cure it Naturaly without going to any medical center. In this book, I\’ll explain my real experimental diets and what I do to stay healthy. Life is just fun, when we learn to live it, that\’s what I learnt in last 24 years and still learning, because it is life long learning.
No matter, what we learn, learning to take college degrees, learning to change eating habits, learning to speak English or any other language, one should keep on learning.
Learning makes one perfect in his/her profession and sharpen his/her mind. I\’m the person, who love to learn new things; such as gardening, blogging and especially learn to eat and cook healthy food.
The first step towards health is understanding what to eat and what not to eat? Eating healthy does not have to be complicated. It\’s so simple and  easy!  Just we have to do is  to stop eating man-made products; sucha as- snacks, junk food, soda, icecream, cold drinks, coffee, etc and get back to what Mother Nature designed human body to  eat and they are fruits, vegetables, greens, sprouts, nuts & seeds.
We should eat living, wholesome, water-rich, plant-based food only. We can make
healthy salads with sprouts, nourishing soups, green juices.
We can eat millets roti instead of wheat roti or we can make missi roti(by adding vegetables in our wheat dough) that can make it more digestible.
By living here in Canada, I started to grow my own organic herbs & vegetables in my Backyard Garden as much as I can. Learning abut food became my passion over the years and I started do experiments by cooking healthy fresh food, which started to do wonders and made myself and my family healthy. In my own experience, \”If we want to live healthy, long life without any disease, our Kitchen should be healthy.\”
Change your Kitchen and you\’ll see tremendous change in your life.